Logos Quiz: The Future of Market Research?

LogosQuizWhat if you were a marketing executive for a global brand, and I told you I had collected benchmark feedback from thousands of consumers on the top brands in the world, including yours and your competitors’?

Would I have your attention?

Thanks to my son, I recently became aware of an ingenious app called Logos Quiz which is currently the #5 ranked free iPhone app and the #6 ranked free iPad app. Like many games, this app is highly addictive.

The premise is simple: click on a partially-obscured logo and try to name the brand associated with it. If you name it, you get points. Repeat. The game contains over 500 brands, enough to keep anyone busy for some time.

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3

Step 3

Step 4

Step 4

This is gamification of market research in its purest form.

So which market research company created Logos Quiz?

Awkward silence.

The app was not created by a market research company. It was created by Javier Perez Estarriaga, a developer in Spain who, to my knowledge, has no prior connection to market research.

This is a classic example of disruptive innovation.

Market researchers should study Estarriaga’s example if they want to be on the right side of history.

And – just a thought – somebody might want to put a call in to this guy!

About Dana Stanley

Dana is the Editor-in-Chief of Research Access.


  1. Hi Dana,

    Great post! =)

    I wrote a couple of weeks ago a post on Netquest’s Blog mentioning Logo Quiz and some other mobile and social ‘plapptaforms’.

    What’s behind the success of Pinterest, Instagram, Logo Quiz, etc.? Maybe ‘Visual engagement + Social Integration + Game Mechanics’.

    As you said, there are a lot of learning opportunities for market researchers behind the success of this kind of apps.

    Here is the article [Spanish]> http://bitly.com/visual_mrx

    Cheers from Argentina,

    @pablo_sanchez_k #mrxes

  2. Muchas gracias!

  3. Will play tonight. Wonder if he can grab the data like #Innovation Game’s Knowsy app?

  4. Good luck with the game; I noticed there are a number of P&G brand logos.


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