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Sentiment Analysis SymposiumResearch Access will be providing live coverage of the Sentiment Analysis Symposium this Tuesday, May 8th.

Check out Research Access on Tuesday for live updates.

Better yet, join me at the Symposium at Lighthouse International in Manhattan.  You can still register for $100 off using the code FOAF.

Here are some of the sessions I’m most looking forward to:

  • “Tween Pants Cut Too Low!! (or, Combine Survey Research & Social Monitoring to Discover the Unknown)” by Carol Haney, Toluna
  • “Emotional Versus Rational in Customer Decision Making” by Chris Frank, American Express, and Paul Magnone, Openet Telecom
  • “Real Time Intelligence Solutions,” by Srini Bharadwaj, RAGE Frameworks
  • “Political Sentiment Analysis,” by Dr. Stuart W. Shulman, Texifter
  • “Market Research Beyond Sentiment: Differentiating the Engaged and Pleased,” by Andera Gadeib, CEO, Dialego AG
  • “Sentiment As A Service,” by Michael Tupanjanin, Metavana
  • “Capturing Sentiment via Customer Intelligence,” by Sobhan Hota, Fidelity Investments
  • “’How Can I Listen If I’m Talking?’: The Power Of Social Media Listening,” by Frank Cotignola, Kraft Foods

I hope to see you in New York or online on Tuesday!

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  1. Dana, thanks, but that’s $100 off via the FOAF code, not $100!

  2. Sorry about that! Pricing is corrected in the post now.

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