A Hunger for Data Visualization

Hungry WolfThere’s a hunger out there.

It’s latent, but believe me, it’s there.

It comes from people who are Excel-weary. People who are sick and tired of PowerPoint. People for whom even Prezi (or Dizzi, as I call it) doesn’t cut it anymore.

The infographic craze is just a quick fix for these people.

And let’s be honest. Infographics are not true data visualization, because they do not present data efficiently. They are more like long-form data marketing.

There’s a hunger for data visualization solutions that make it painfully easy to present research data powerfully.

Now, there are solutions out there, including SecondPrism for mobile devices and iCharts for web charts.

But, frankly, it surprises me there isn’t more out there – a lot more. Why aren’t more people anticipating this nascent wave and getting ready to ride it?


About Dana Stanley

Dana is the Editor-in-Chief of Research Access.


  1. Good insights in a relevant issue, Dana. The infographic craze seems to be more about making the dissemination of information entertaining, rather than efficient and informative. Personally, I’d like to see a mash-up of infographics and Edward Tufte’s principals of visualization.

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