10 Places for Market Researchers to Learn about Data Visualization

Data Visualization Infographic

Have you ever sat through an interminable PowerPoint presentation about market research data? How did it make you feel?

I thought so.

We all could stand to learn ways to present data in a parsimonious and beautiful way. After all, as researchers, we are in the business of communication about data.

I recommend you keep up on the dynamic world of data visualization.

Here are 10 links that will help you get started understanding different aspects of this fascinating discipline.

  1. Bitsybot is a really cool site by GfK Custom Research’s data wiz Bitsy Hansen.
  2. The good folks at O’Reilly Media have an extensive collection of data visualization resources.
  3. Information is Beautiful is by “data journalist” David McCandless. The name says it all.
  4. There is a LinkedIn Group dedicated to data visualization in market research called Market Research Data Visualization.
  5. I Love Charts presents humorous made-up charts which often manage to communicate real lessons about the presentation of data, whether intentionally or not.
  6. Chart Porn…’nuff said.
  7. ChartChannel from iCharts has interactive charts you can clip and use in your blog.
  8. Visual Complexity focuses on the representation of complex networks.
  9. Into maps as well as data? Strange Maps has you covered.
  10. Flowing Data has lots of great visualizations.



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