Top Weekend Activities for Market Researchers are Relaxing, Reading and Spending Time With Family

Relaxing, Reading, Spending Time with FamilyNo one has ever accused market researchers of being wild and crazy types of people.  A MicroPoll I launched on Friday confirms that suspicion.

We have had good participation so far, with 130 people having cast votes in this simple, fun multi-select poll.

I asked researchers a simple question: “What will you be doing this weekend?” heading into a holiday weekend (Easter, Passover) for many.

As of today, Wednesday, April 11th, here are the leaders in the clubhouse:

  • Relaxing (11%)
  • Reading (9%)
  • Spending time with family (9%)

It should come as no surprise that reading is one of our top activities.  I wonder though, how much of that reading is for work-related activities and how much of it is “pleasure reading.”

Exercising, watching a movie, watching television and surfing the internet came in at 8% each.

Six percent said they would be working.  Sorry to hear it! :)

Partying came in at a paltry 2%.

Please take a moment to answer the poll if you haven’t responded yet.  Let us know what you’ll be doing this upcoming weekend.

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