The 10 Most Memorable Moments from MRMW Amsterdam

Market Research in the Mobile WorldThe Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in Amsterdam is now completed. On my way home to the United States I’ve had a chance to think about which moments to me were most memorable to me personally.

Some of the moments I’ve chosen are whimsical, while others are serious. Some are substantive, and some are not. That is the very nature of an “in-person” conference; it is not simply the academic points which leave the greatest impact. It is often the interpersonal, very human moments which leave the greatest impression on us, a point perhaps worth remembering as we increasingly focus on all things digital.

That said, here are my 10 most memorable moments (not necessarily in order).

– When David Brudenell of Pureprofile displayed a graphic of a giant gravestone representing the death of the old market research paradigm.

– When Betty Adamou of Research Through Gaming tweeted her sketches of selected speakers.

– When Robert Moran of the Brunswick Group emphatically stated we should do away with the term “market research.”

– When, during the Research Club event at Escape, Chelsea scored against Barcelona and a fan in front of me exploded with joy.

– When Ken Peterson of Ipsos Loyalty said the day he met Vivek Bhaskaran of Survey Analytics and SurveySwipe was a day that changed his life.

– When the conference was suddenly interrupted by sounds coming through the sound system that could only be described as having come from a seriously disturbed person, the room exploded in laughter, and Jasper Lim of the Merlien Institute ran out of the room to find the culprit (he did, and he returned with a classic sheepish grin on his face).

– When Kristin Luck of Decipher queued up a jazzy tune to play while conference participants attempted her mobile questionnaire challenge.

– When Tom de Ruyck told an anecdote about his market research university students co-creating a new course name, resulting in a dramatic increase in enrollment.

– Picturing Lenny Murphy up in the middle of the night back home in the United States as he tweeted away as if it were broad daylight.

– When I met in person people whom I had heretofore only known online, including Ray Poynter, Edward Appleton and Elias Veris.

Share your own most memorable moments in the comments section below.

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