Are QR Codes in Market Research a Fad?

Research Access QR CodeAndrew Reid of Vision Critical had an interesting perspective on QR codes during his talk at the Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in Amsterdam last week.

He mentioned that he has a QR code on his business card, but he’s not sure whether to think it’s cool or be a little embarrassed.

Reid said he thinks we’ll look back on QR codes as a passing fancy, just as we now look back on fads like “M.C. Hammer” pants. He speculated in his presentation about future technology that could scan brands in their natural environment – for example, scanning a Coke can with a smartphone which has the ability to recognize the brand on the packaging itself.

I think we’ll get to Andrew’s vision someday, but I’m not so sure QR codes are going away so soon. Sure, they will morph and change (there are already many custom QR codes), but I think we will be using some form of QR code for a number of years.

What do you think? I’ve posted a MicroPoll below. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “QR codes in market research are a fad that will not stand the test of time”

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