A Conversation with Srivats Srinivasan

Srivats Srinivasan

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Srivats Srinivasan, a really interesting guy and Research Access contributor who runs a digital agency called Nayamode. Srivats filled me in on his Event Mobilizer app, which provides conference attendees the opportunity to give real-time feedback and provides them in-the-moment information. He also gave insight into […]

Are QR Codes in Market Research a Fad?

Research Access QR Code

Andrew Reid of Vision Critical had an interesting perspective on QR codes during his talk at the Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in Amsterdam last week. He mentioned that he has a QR code on his business card, but he’s not sure whether to think it’s cool or be a little embarrassed. Reid […]

Kristin Luck on Women in Research

WIRe Logo

Living in Los Angeles in 2007, Kristin Luck had a conversation over cocktails with a group of other women working in market research. They quickly found they agreed on the need for women in the market research profession to support one another. The result was a networking group for LA-area women in market research called […]

How to Do TURF Analysis

TURF Analysis

Springtime is here! What better time to dust off your tools, including a nifty but underutilized method called TURF Analysis? No, I’m not talking about something in your yard or garden. I’m talking about the market research analytical technique called TURF Analysis. TURF is an acronym which stands for “Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency.” TURF […]

Why Recall Must Die: Capturing the Point of Emotion


Living in the Past Market research relies heavily on human memory. Attempting to measure recall about what respondents thought or felt about a product or service is a standard approach for market researchers. Surveys often consist of long lists of memory tests. So many surveys contain phrases like, “Thinking about the last time you used […]

When Should Data Be Made Public?

Digital Books

When should data from research be made publicly accessible? As our very name implies, we at Research Access are supporters of the principle of open data access.  But what are the limits? Certainly it is reasonable to expect that publicly funded research be put online for easy access.  However, it may be surprising to some […]

The 10 Most Memorable Moments from MRMW Amsterdam

Market Research in the Mobile World

The Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in Amsterdam is now completed. On my way home to the United States I’ve had a chance to think about which moments to me were most memorable to me personally. Some of the moments I’ve chosen are whimsical, while others are serious. Some are substantive, and some […]

MRMW Live Blog – Day Two

Market Research in the Mobile World

3:54 p.m. Elias Veris of Insites Consulting discussed the use of mobile in MROCs. He said mobile qual gives you an in-depth understanding of the hows and whys; it’s about digging deep. The 21st century method of digging deep is MROCs. MROCs are about engagement and social dynamics, they are longterm and asynchronous, and they […]

MRMW Live Blog – Day One

Market Research in the Mobile World

5:29 p.m. Diane Gardiner of Latitude Insights discussed a mobile qualitative project for Kraft among 4-year olds in Australia. Mobile qualitative research is growing, but there’s a lot of opportunity. Latitude uses mobile qualitative to add more insight to panel communities. They collect ethnographic data such as videos and photos of meal preparations, home decorating, […]

Research Access to Live Blog MRMW Amsterdam

Market Research in the Mobile World

It’s finally here! Along with many others, I’ve been looking forward to the Market Research in the Mobile World conference in Amsterdam all year.  The event is set to kick off on Wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m. CEST. Research Access is a media sponsor of the event, and I will be “live blogging” during both […]