Gross National Happiness?

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Can – and should – governments collect statistics on citizens’ happiness? Today’s Washington Post has a fascinating article on efforts in the United States to construct and start tracking just such a set of statistics:  “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Tell the Government,” by Peter Whoriskey. President Obama’s top economic advisor Alan Krueger […]

What Market Researchers Need to Know About SoLoMo


Do you know everything you need to know about SoLoMo, the convergence of the social, the local and the mobile? Could you learn something from Charlie Rader of Procter & Gamble, Steve Rappaport of ARF (and author of Listen First!), and Andrew Jeavons of Survey Analytics? I thought so! Well, it’s not too late to sign […]

Buzzword Alert: What the Heck is SoLoMo?


There’s a new buzzword blazing into town, and it seems to be causing some divisive feelings.  The term is “SoLoMo,” which is a combination of the words “social,” “local” and “mobile.” SoLoMo represents a concept which is a tidal wave in our evolving society:  the convergence of social, local and mobile technology.  Our lives are […]

What Would the News Be Without Surveys?


What would happen if you took all the survey results out of your local newspaper?  How much news would be left? As a researcher, I like to think that I take notice when news outlets use survey results as part of their reporting. The news is, of course, chock full of survey results on a […]

New Research Access / qSample Poll Reveals Americans’ Final Four Picks


The new Research Access / qSample poll, conducted on March 22nd prior to the first round of Sweet 16 games revealed that Americans’ top picks to make the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four were Michigan State (44% thought they would make the Final Four), Ohio (36%), Kansas (36%) and Kentucky (32%). Americans’ top pick to […]

Market Research Buzzwords and the Hype Curve


In Episode 2 of the Research Life Podcast, we have two special guests:  Jeffrey Henning, CMO of Affinnova and Andrew Jeavons, President of Survey Analytics. Andrew, Jeffrey and I discussed a list of buzzwords in market research, and attempted to place each on the Gartner Hype Curve. Our buzzwords came from a list published by Research […]

SoLoMo: How Social Media, Localization, & Mobile are Redefining Marketing Insights


I’m pleased to announce the second in a series of webinars sponsored by Research Access in conjunction with GreenBook. Our first joint webinar with Greenbook was on the subject of Big Data. This webinar, entitled “SoLoMo: How Social Media, Localization & Mobile are Redefining Marketing Insights,” will be on Thursday, March 29th, at 1pm Eastern […]

Personal Analytics: Cool or Creepy?

Personal Analysis

In this Sunday’s Boston Globe I read an interesting piece called “Stephen Wolfram’s Personal Analytics.” You may know Wolfram as the creator of “computational knowledge engine” Wolfram Alpha,  He is also the creator of Mathematica software and the author of  A New Kind of Science. The Globe piece takes a look at a recent Wolfram blog […]

Leverage the Intelligence of Networks

Network Intelligence

Normally when I think about market research, I think about insights generated by individuals or teams working together within an organization or in collaboration across several organizations working in partnership. However, there is a newer concept of knowledge which has begun to change my thinking.  That concept is called Network Intelligence (NI). The basic idea […]

An Interview with Snapdeal CEO Kunal Bahl

Kunal Bahl

I recently had the honor and the pleasure of interviewing Kunal Bahl, the CEO of, perhaps the hottest c-commerce company in India.  If you are not familiar with the Indian e-commerce market, I recommend this recent article from Forbes magazine, “Startup India Flips Out over E-Commerce,” which mentions Snapdeal prominently.  We touched on a […]