Is Mobile Market Research Growing Up?

Is Mobile Research Growing Up?Is 2012 the year that mobile market research grows up? If you follow the money, the answer is yes.

I read with interest a recent summary on ESOMAR’s RW Connect of a report by Cambiar Consulting on 2011 capital funding in the market research industry.

Cambiar’s Simon Chadwick summarizes the key trends in capital investment by giving this advice to entrepreneurs: “you should be based in the United States; your product should have something to do with social media; and the word ‘analytics’ should appear liberally in your business plan.”

The report distinguished “analytics” companies from “market research,” noting that the former ($297M) saw significantly more investment than the latter ($138M).

But what really jumped out at me was a breakdown of investment in “new research modalities,” separating the two into categories, “winners” and “losers.”


Mobile $53M
Online ad measurement $46M
Sample/data collection $28M
Passive measurement $26M


Shopper insights $14M
Biometrics $2M
Qualitative $1M

Notably, Chadwick reported only $15M of investment in traditional full service research consultancies.

It seems investors are looking for a breakout year from the mobile market research sector.

I agree, and I think things will really come into focus at the Market Research in the Mobile World conference coming up in Amsterdam in April.  I’ll be there, and I hope to talk in person with a lot of Research Access readers while I’m there.

Onward and upward!

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