Introducing the Research Life Podcast

The Research Life Podcast

I’m proud to announce a new feature at Research Access:  the Research Life Podcast.

The subtitle of the Research Life Podcast is “Where Data Meets Life.”  In each episode, we’ll feature several examples of interesting news stories relating to data and/or survey results and talk about them.  The idea is to have a fun discussion of topical stories focusing on where data affects real life.

For our first episode I was joined by someone who is very familiar to Research Access readers – Esther LaVielle, VP of Client Services at Survey Analytics.  You may know Esther as the host of many of the webinars sponsored by Survey Analytics.  She is also a regular contributor to Research Access.

In our first episode, we discussed three interesting stories:

1. A story in Mashable that reported that indicated women buy more tech gadgets than men.

2. A new Pew Research Center study that looked at sources of information for the U.S. presidential campaign.

3. A New York Times Magazine article questioning the methodology of online dating sites.

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