New Data on New Year’s Resolutions and Holiday Exchanges

Fingers CrossedResearch Access is proud to announce a new partnership with qSample, the Research Access / qSample Poll.  Our goal is to regularly provide interesting, topical poll results.

Our first Research Access / qSample poll was fielded using qSample’s online consumer access panel in the US.  The poll fielded from January 3 to January 7th and includes 296 completed interviews.

We decided to ask a few questions about holiday gift-giving and exchanges as well as New Year’s resolutions.

Research Access / qSample Poll

Here are the results:

1. Did you receive a gift or gifts this holiday season?

Yes 83%
No 17%

2. Have you returned or exchanged any gifts received this holiday season? (asked of those who received gifts)

Yes 33%
No 67%

3. Did you make one or more New Year’s resolutions this year?

Yes 54%
No 46%

4. So far, have you kept or broken your New Year’s resolution(s)? (among those who made one or more resolutions)

So far I have kept my resolution(s) 87%
I have broken my resolution(s) 13%

We hope you enjoyed this poll. Our resolution, which we promise not to break, is to bring you more interesting data throughout 2012.

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