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Misfits is a hugely popular TV show here in the UK hosted by Channel 4′s cool, younger channel, E4.

It’s about four young people who have to take part in Community Service (which is reserved as a punishment for young petty criminals here in the UK) and through a stormy night, found themselves in posession of amazing super-powers. Although they still take part in Community Service in London, they find that their new super powers have got them in or out of trouble. The programme has been a massive hit here in the UK and now has a Comic book and action figures it can assign to its marketing.

Misfits has its own page on the E4 website which lets you understand the storyline of each character more, find them on Twitter (yes, the characters are STILL in character on Twitter!), look at pictures, videos, and, of course, catch up on older episodes you may have missed.

Misfits, however, take the marketing and brand engagement to the next level. By including the ‘Community Service’ game and their game app for smartphones, they have secured brand engagement and loyalty which other ‘one way’ marketing cannot achieve.

They also include the ‘Smart Arses’ quiz, which questions viewers onhow much they know about storylines and characters. Together with their intelligent use of language, they have created a gamified experience which goes perfectly with the brand image, persona of the characters in the programme and the ‘Londoner way of life’.

With a large library of 11 online games for the Misfits, it means audiences stay on their website for longer and get ‘inside information’ on what’s going to happen next through the games themselves. With game names like ‘Do a Runner’, ‘Spot the Shapeshifter’ and ‘Cheese Fondoom’ (which plays on one of the characters’ dairy intolerance) E4 has not only established that games are a brilliant marketing avenue for them, but THE marketing avenue for the E4 brand and Misfits TV show.

Go to and download the Misfits app now to play.

Misfits2Gaming your Marketing doesn’t have to be on the scale here that E4 have performed. Your game doesn’t even need to be that expensive to create. I strongly feel that as long as the language used is the same ‘voice’ as that of your brand and the aesthetic can be linked to the brand as well, you have a game which can hook your audience in.

There is a great conference called Games for Brands, which I unfortunately missed this year, but if the Misfits wasn’t mentioned, then they’ve missed out! Check out the Games for Brands on LinkedIn or online.


Author’s note: I have not been paid to promote Misfits! It really is just such a useful case-study when talking about brand engagement through games!

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