2012 Market Research Crystal Ball

John William Waterhouse The Crystal BallTom Anderson of Anderson Analytics and Next Gen Market Research recently asked members of the market research community to share predictions for 2012.

At Research Access we recently finished posting an interesting series of excerpts from a recent Survey Analytics webinar on Market Research Trends for 2012.  That’s got me thinking a lot about what will happen this year in market research.

But looking at trends is one thing, and making specific predictions is another.

I accept your invitation, Tom.

Brace yourself!  I’m going really far out on a limb here.

  1. The market research industry will self-reflect and contemplate its place in the business universe.
  2. A lot of people will take surveys.
  3. Corporate market research end users will get lots of cold calls.
  4. Online sample will feel commoditization pressure.
  5. Do-it-yourself (DIY) market research tools will irk traditionalists.

OK, now for the real list!

  1. For most researchers mobile methods will move out of experimental phase and become a regular part of the methodological mix.
  2. There will be a dramatic increase in offline recruitment of panel communities, most notably via QR codes.
  3. One of the following companies will experiment in a more serious way in the online sample business:  Twitter, Facebook or Google.  I wish I knew which one.
  4. Ninety percent or more of the Honomichl 50 companies will experiment with gamification.
  5. Both the number of market research blogs and the number of tweets using the #mrx hashtag will more than double relative to 2011.

Picture Credit:  The Crystal Ball, by John William Waterhouse

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