Ipsos Loyalty and Survey Analytics Strike Mobile Deal

Ipsos, Survey AnalyticsWe at Research Access are admittedly big fans of mobile market research.  That’s why we’re super-excited about the deal announced today between RA-sponsor Survey Analytics and Ipsos Loyalty.

To our knowledge, this is the first instance of a major global market research player putting all their cards on the table when it comes to mobile market research.  Sure, many have tinkered around the edges, but none have made such an emphatic statement as this.

Ken Peterson, COO of Ipsos Loyalty stated it thusly: “The introduction of the Ipsos Loyalty Mobile Network is another way Ipsos Loyalty is staying on the forefront of innovation.”

Survey Analytics CEO Vivek Bhaskaran had this to say about the deal.  “Many of you know that we believe that smartphones represent a HUGE opportunity for research and many completely new and innovative models for insight and loyalty development with come out of this crucible. We are leading this effort with our SurveySwipe and SurveyPocket platforms – for the smartphones and tablets respectively.  We’ve partnered with IPSOS to join forces and bring smartphone based data-collection into mainstream research. IPSOS has a pedigree of exploring cutting edge technologies and using it as a differentiator for research.”

We have a feeling this will be far from the last such deal in this industry.

It will be interesting to see how things play out.  You can be sure we’ll give this and other mobile research deals plenty of coverage on Research Access.


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