What We’re Reading: Sample Size, Mobility, Emerging Practices

Good Monday to you all. We thought we’d start out the week with a list of some of the articles and posts that have most recently caught our eye. Let’s dive right in!
  • How to Determine Sample Size for Segments – As always, Michaela Mora delivers some terrific educational content over at Relevant Insights. In this recent post, she discusses how to go about determining the most effective sample size for individual segments of an audience in order to get the most reliable results. Michaela walks us through the right questions to ask, as well as two possible approaches to take when adopting a sampling strategy.
  • Mobile Survey Response Rates ROCK – Ivana Taylor over at the QuestionPro Blog calls our attention to a recent study in which a mobile response option was added to more traditional data collection methodologies. The results were impressive: 25,000 text message responses were received from 23,500 unique mobile numbers in reply to a single open question.
  • GRIT Sneak Peek: The Top Emerging Market Research Techniques: Our friend Leonard Murphy over at the GreenBook Blog has a preview of the annual GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) study. The full report will be available in the next week or so, but in the meantime, Lenny takes a look at some of the preliminary data, with a focus on emerging market research techniques in 2011.
What are you reading this week? Be sure to share your favorite articles/blog posts/chat discussions/etc with us, here in the comments or via Twitter (@researchaccess).
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