The Intersection of QR Codes and Gamification

Earlier this week, we wrote about the current state of QR codes (or at least opinions in the current state), as well as the importance of contextual feedback and the proliferation of real-world hyperlinking.

Today, Betty Adamou, editor of our sister site, has a terrific piece looking at the intersection of QR codes, gamification, and market research.

Betty discusses new and unique uses of QR codes, and also presents some great ideas for how game theory and QR codes can be combined to enhance approaches to market research. For example:

You then walk on to the cosmetics counter for Chanel and would love a discount. No problem, just scan the Chanel concession QR code, answer the question and get 5% off any purchase.

  • Answer 5 QR Code questions around the mall and you get a discount from say, McDonalds.
  • Answer 10 QR code questions and you can get a further 10% off any sale item.
  • Answer 20 QR codes and you get 50% off dinner for two in a choice of the mall eateries.

As Betty points out, this approach not only increases engagement for the customer/respondent, but also increases both sales and quality of research data (we now have context!)

So go check out Betty’s latest article, and let us know what you think. Leave your comments on this post, or find us on Twitter (@researchaccess).

PS: Some of you may already be familiar with my love of infographics. (It’s very real.) Well, I just came across this infographic documenting the rise of QR codes. Among the statistics conveyed in the graphic:

  • QR code uptake has increased 4589% from early 2010 to early 2011
  • 56% of QR codes appear on product packaging
  • The majority of users expect to receive a coupon or deal from scanning a QR code
  • 11 out of 50 Fortune companies are incorporating QR codes into their marketing strategy
  • 68% of QR codes are scanned via an iPhone
Take a look!
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  1. About the adoption of QR codes…there I was fixing my toilet and the device manual had a QR code. Woh!!! If the plumbing and construction industry are using QR codes, you best get on the train now. The rate of adoption has been huge, QRC’s are all over the place.

    In fact, I have noticed several companies devoted to implementing QR codes into websites and business cards. That should add a little to the mix here.


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