What We’re Reading: GameAccess, Mobility & Market Research Myopia

Happy Monday, and Happy August as well. Despite the summer lull, filled with vacations, longer lunches, and generally slower-moving business, there’s still plenty to talk about in the world of market research. Here are some of the articles and news items that have our attention this morning:

  • GameAccess is Launched! – We’re very excited to share the news of the launch of our sister site, GameAccess. At the helm is gamification expert Betty Adamou (who you may recall as a past ResearchAccess contributor). Betty is the founder and CEO of Research Through Gaming (R.T.G), and through her efforts heading GameAccess.com, we’ll all benefit from the wealth of knowledge she has about game theory, game mechanics, and how gaming can be used not only in market research, but in advertising, marketing, concept testing and more. Read more about Betty and GameAccess in her introductory note as Editor-in-Chief. Welcome aboard, Betty!
  • “Must Read” List from the Market Research in the Mobile World Conference – We’ve talked a lot about the impact of mobility and mobile data collection on market research. There’s a slew of interesting thought leadership happening in that space right now. Fortunately, our friends over at the GreenBook Blog have put together a terrific list of articles, videos and presentations coming out of last week’s Market Research in the Mobile World conference in Atlanta. Examples include “Using mobile qualitatively to transform insight generation,” “The new era of expressive research: using technology for cultivating insights,” and “Mobile vs. online: modality considerations for data quality.” Go take a look!
  • Market Research Myopia: What the industry isn’t seeing in its own research – Kathryn Korostoff over at ResearchRocks.com has a great piece this week about a somewhat narrow field of vision that occurs when the market research industry looks inward. Specifically, that when the market research industry surveys itself, it tends to leave out a key segment of the audience: technology providers and platforms. Consequently, is the resulting research skewed?
  • The Real Cost of Social Media – Most especially because I enjoy infographics, I wanted to include this piece from MediaBistro on calculating the real cost of social media. As the author points out, the benefits of social media are often well understood, but the true underlying costs aren’t always fully considered.
What are you reading this week? Be sure to share your favorite articles/blog posts/chat discussions/etc with us, here in the comments or via Twitter (@researchaccess).
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