In Praise of Progressive Government Policy

Gentle reader on the right (or left) – please don’t get turned off by the title of this post. This is not meant to be a discussion on the value of liberal or conservative government policies at large.

I refer instead to the forward thinking work that some local government bodies are doing in adopting technology toward public good. One case in point is the work that we’re doing with the City of Redmond, WA as they roll out solutions that help reach their mobile citizens in an effort to manage people’s commutes better and reduce carbon footprints.

I run a digital marketing agency that focuses on combining rich creative with smart technology solutions for our customers. We partner closely with Microsoft on several fronts including with the Microsoft Tag team. Nayamode has powered some of the largest 2D barcode scanning based campaigns worldwide over the last year or so including for customers such as Conde-Nast and Compass Group. However, when we got a chance to work with the City of Redmond to power a local program to educate, inform and influence behavior of citizens as relates to commuting options, we jumped at it.

Nayamode has built a Microsoft TAG-launched mobile microsite for the R-Trip program created by the City of Redmond.  The program participants interact on the PC-based platform at

R-Trip involves 100 employers and 18,000 individuals and it encourages carpooling, telecommuting, using public transit, etc.  Until recently, they only sent out a newsletter via employers and used TAG for specific uses such as TAGs at bus stops that are linked to the OneBusAway page for that stop/route.

With this new initiative, the City of Redmond is using TAG in their collateral and campaigns to help build a database outside of the employers and generate a bigger list of users to send information on commute related topics.  Signing up is incentivized with the possibility of prizes and gift certificates, etc.

It’s still early in the campaign and the data is just coming in but we expect participation rates to go up significantly. More connected and engaged citizens, more cost effective public transport and lower carbon footprints. All for absolutely minimal tax dollars.

As a Redmond citizen, I’m perfectly happy to see my government pursue this initiative.

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Srivats Srinivasan is founder and CEO of Nayamode, a digital marketing agency using smart technology to power rich creative. He can be reached at [email protected], and more info on Nayamode is available at

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