Twitterversity: Training in the Principles of Market Research Project Management

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Professional training and career development is an ongoing, continuous process. And tomorrow, there’s a great opportunity to keep that process going! Be sure to join Kathryn Korostoff of Research Rockstar tomorrow, July 28th from 7am-3pm EST, for an exciting day of free market research training at MRXU, their Twitter-based market research training program. Here’s the agenda for the day: Class: Principles […]

We Want You!


The mission of Research Access is to exist as a hub for the market research professional community – as a place for thought leadership, knowledge transfer, and the sharing of experiences and best practices that help us all improve the market research industry as a whole. The key ingredient to that mission – and the […]

Does Influence Really Matter?

Author’s Note: This article originally appeared on the AMEX Open Forum blog —  I wrote it to get people to seriously think about authority and influence. I’ve been thinking a lot about influence lately.  It seems that I’m not the only one.  Influence isn’t just for celebrities any more.  Small business has gotten into the game as […]

In Praise of Progressive Government Policy

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Gentle reader on the right (or left) – please don’t get turned off by the title of this post. This is not meant to be a discussion on the value of liberal or conservative government policies at large. I refer instead to the forward thinking work that some local government bodies are doing in adopting […]

The Dilemma of Social Media Measurement


[Editor’s Note: The  following post by Michael Wolfe was originally published by and is syndicated with permission by The GreenBook Blog.] Everyone with any sense of what is going on in the field of marketing right now knows that there is almost a mad frenzy about social media, the likes of which we have seldom seen. In […]

When Research Contradicts Conventional Wisdom

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We came across a great post this morning from our friends at Dimensional Research entitled, “When ‘Everyone Knows’ Contradicts the Research.” (It’s actually a post from earlier this year, resurfaced via their Twitter account; follow them at @DimensionalR.) The all-too-common market research challenge that this post tackles will likely sound familiar to you: What happens when the […]

How to Control Your Customer Satisfaction Scores


We tend to measure customer satisfaction after the customer experience has already happened.  But that isn’t when the opinion about the experience is really created. Customer experiences are actually created long before your customer ever reaches your doorstep.  They often start with impressions and perceptions created when your potential customer interacts with friends and colleagues […]

Going Green

In the early nineties before I moved to the US, I remember visiting the country and being struck by the move toward becoming green. Reflected primarily in consumer goods and how manufacturers touted the ability to recycle their material as an indication of their green nature. This past decade saw more companies making a move […]

What We’re Reading – Respondent Engagement

Happy Monday to all! We’re digging into our blog roll this morning, and finding an endless supply of interesting content worthy of your attention. Here are a few pieces in particular that should be on your radar: A New Model for Respondent Engagement – Our good friends over at the GreenBook Blog have nailed it out of […]

How Social Media and Mobile Devices Have Changed the Way We Segment


About six years ago I saw a demographer speak at a conference for natural food retailers and producers. He was trying to explain how traditional demographics did very little to explain actual buying and spending behavior. Instead, he posited the idea that people participate in “worlds” or interest areas — one of which might include […]