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We’re back this week with a round-up of what we’re reading. Our focus today is on a number of articles tackling the topic of mobile market research, including the impact of the smartphone, current limitations of mobile market research, and where we go from here.

    • What Smartphones Mean to Researchers – Mobility is creating a sea change in the market research industry, and at the center of that change is the smartphone. By enabling consumers and business to have constant, mobile access to data, smartphones have opened up new frontiers for how we communicate, share and connect with those around us, including our customers. In this article, author and Research Access contributor Vivek Bhaskaran analyzes the impact of the smartphone on our industry, and charges us to seize the opportunity that smartphones provides to deepen interaction with consumers.

  • Mobilizing Market Research: Limitations & The Future – In part four of a nine-part series, Carrie Robbins discusses some of the current limitations of the mobile research model, as well as what the future hold for as we strive to overcome these limitations.
  • The Mobile To-Do List – And in part five, Carrie details some of the existing issues in the market research industry that must be addressed in order for mobile research to succeed.

Turning our attention to other interesting topics this week:

  • Social Media Monitoring – Often, the focus of our efforts when it comes to social media rests in using social tools to reach out, communicate, and connect – in other words, to broadcast. However, equally key, if not more so for the research industry, is how we can monitor social media platforms to listen. In his latest article on the subject of social media, Ray Poytner tackles the opportunities and challenges of social media monitoring.
  • Five New Tools to Help You Add a Game to Your Website – We’ve talked a lot about gaming in the past few weeks. The idea of actually getting started by adding game theory to your marketing and/or research efforts may seem daunting, though. This article provides five turnkey solutions to help kick off your gamification efforts.

What are you reading this week? Be sure to share your favorite articles/blog posts/chat discussions/etc with us, here in the comments or via Twitter (@researchaccess).

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