Tag! You’re Mobile.

Apple’s iPhone continues to accelerate sales, Android powered phones are everywhere and now with the Nokia-Microsoft deal, you can expect tens of millions more Windows Phones in users’ hands shortly.

Exciting times in the world of digital marketing, where mobile needs to be a key component of any serious campaign. The possibilities will explode going forward but we’re already seeing tremendous opportunities being enabled by adjunct technologies such as Microsoft Tag and QR Codes. While both are meant to allow mobile users to connect to specific online experiences by scanning a 2D bar code, we at Nayamode are seeing more interesting experiences powered by Microsoft Tag.

We helped Conde-Nast generate the largest ever 2D bar code scanning campaign in Allure magazine using Microsoft Tags printed inside. Readers scanned the Tags to win prizes, or sign up for an SMS alert to come back later and scan again for a chance to win. Nayamode helped to create the campaign, built the entire backend including  integrating with the SMS gateway provider, the SQL based database to track opt-ins and opt-outs. The campaign has been a huge success, significantly increasing reader participation overall compared with prior years.

We also worked with Compass Group (a multi-billion dollar hospitality services company) to create a highly successful series of promotions and contests targeting cafeteria visitors on a large corporate campus. Here again, general audience involvement has been significantly enhanced, actual transaction volumes increased and immediate ROI delivered. The program required a comprehensive CMS for the mobile site to be built out, with enough flexibility to allow the Compass administrators to tweak the promotion details by the minute if required.

We are working with several other customers today who want to use these technologies to power ever more interesting and creative campaigns. When asked by our clients what we can do for them, I answer quite truthfully that we are only limited by our collective imagination. Imagine what can we do:

-At stadiums and convention centers, by using Tags to provide location based information and drive traffic to specific concessions stands
-For real estate companies – provide much richer information on location not just on the specific property but about other properties in the neighborhood
-For consumer product companies – at point of sale, on the packaging
-For entertainment – convert offline advertising opportunities with minimal real estate into rich online experiences for mobile users

We’re excited to work with our clients to help power their ideas and vision and reach their customers whenever, wherever and on any device.

About Srivats Srinivasan

Srivats Srinivasan is founder and CEO of Nayamode, a digital marketing agency using smart technology to power rich creative. He can be reached at [email protected], and more info on Nayamode is available at http://www.nayamode.com.

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