Avoiding Crummy Market Research


I came across a great article last week that I wanted to bring to your attention. The article, entitled “Five Ways to Protect Against Crummy Market Research,” was written by Paul Gillin of The CMO Site, and being written from the perspective of an informed respondent, Paul brought up some great points. Paul begins by […]

Market Research Innovation Challenges

[Editor’s Note: The  following post by Navin Williams was originally published by and is syndicated with permission by The GreenBook Blog.] A few days ago I read the blog post by Tom Anderson covering the MRIA annual event in Canada.  It seemed like a very lively discussion and wish I had been there!  There are a […]

If you want to get ahead…

I was in a sales meeting a couple of days ago. We were telling a prospect about our new smartphone interviewing app, SurveySwipe. We were talking about apps and how they are used. There were several “old guys” i.e. over 40 and a couple of younger people (under 40) in the meeting.  For the record […]

ResearchBase: Health Risks of Cell Phones

Talking on cell phone

You may have heard about the recent news concerning cell phone use and the possible associated health risks – namely, an increased risk of cancer. This is according to a recent announcement from the World Health Organization, which now categorizes cell phones in the same “carcinogenic hazard” category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform. A team […]

What We’re Reading – Mobile Research Galore

We’re back this week with a round-up of what we’re reading. Our focus today is on a number of articles tackling the topic of mobile market research, including the impact of the smartphone, current limitations of mobile market research, and where we go from here. What Smartphones Mean to Researchers – Mobility is creating a […]

Tag! You’re Mobile.

Apple’s iPhone continues to accelerate sales, Android powered phones are everywhere and now with the Nokia-Microsoft deal, you can expect tens of millions more Windows Phones in users’ hands shortly. Exciting times in the world of digital marketing, where mobile needs to be a key component of any serious campaign. The possibilities will explode going […]

Are Market Research Tools an Alternative for Social Media Haters?

Social Media has been around for a number of  years now, yet many CEOs just don’t see the point.  Most of them leave the social media activities to the marketing folks in their organization. In a post on DIYMarketers, we explore the idea the some of today’s newest, coolest market research methods can actually be a […]

Agile Market Research – Are Smartphones the Answer?


When online surveys gradually replaced paper surveys, we saved money, increased speed and increased the efficiency of research. Mobile research has the potential to take that profit, speed and efficiency to a new level: to a point where you get true agility in market research, and one where you can get actionable answers to your […]

How We Applied Gamification to Building a Business


Feedback begets accomplishment. Feedback is one of the core principles of gaming, and by natural extension engagement. My close friend, client and business associate, Romi Mahajan has written quite a bit on rethinking gaming and how it applies to our lives – gaming for marketing, research and even management. I believe one of the fundamental reasons why gaming is […]

Engagement through Gamification

I wanted to draw your attention to a great slide deck on the subject of audience engagement by means of gamification and game mechanics. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find associated video of the presentation being delivered, but the slides are good enough to share on their own anyway. In the deck, the author […]