Mobilizing Market Research

Our good friends over at the Green Book Blog kick off a new series this week on the mobilization of market research, leading up to the Market Research in the Mobile World conference taking place on July 19 & 20 in Atlanta.

In the first of nine posts in the series, contributor Carrie Robbins delves into the state of mobile data collection, where’s it’s headed (and why), and the impact mobile devices and mobile internet access is having on the field of market research.

This piece is chock-full of valuable data, including some well documented benefits – and challenges – of mobile research. For example:

A Globalpark report found that among the challenges mobile research presents, market research firms were most discouraged by its small format which limits questions, followed by issues with access to samples, a lack of support for different devices, the complex cost structures of networks, a lack of support in software, safety, difficulty delivering SMS messages, and confidentiality (Macer & Wilson, 2009b).

The Challenges of Mobile Research

Be sure to check out the rest of Carrie’s post over at The GreenBook Blog. The next piece in the series is scheduled for the week of May 23rd, and will explore the views of 10 industry leaders on the mobile research space.

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