Industry Insights on the Mobilization of Market Research

Earlier this week, we told you about the first part in a series of posts by the GreenBook blog on the mobilization of market research. In the lead-up to the Market Research in the Mobile World conference, our friends at the GreenBook blog are continuing the series with part two, this time focusing on industry insights into this growing trend.

In this second of nine installments in the mobilization of market research series, author Carrie Robbins interviews fifteen leaders in the market research industry, gathering their opinions on the current state of mobile market research, the various approaches currently being used, the future of these approaches, and the impact that mobility is having – and will have – on market research now and in the future.

Not surprisingly, there are some very interesting thoughts shared. For example:

Some interviewees compared the current stage of mobile methods to the emergence of online methods. Some interviewees, such as Luck [Kristin Luck President, Chief Brand Egvangelist, Decipher], believe people need time to catch up and get used to the idea of mobile methods before embracing them. However, Bhaskaran [Vivek Bhaskaran, President and CEO, SurveyAnalytics] thinks there is actually less resistance to mobile from the market research community than there was to online methods because people do not want to be behind the trend. He states,

…I’ve been through these kinds of paradigm shifts…in 2003 and 2005 the paradigm really shifted…online…The difference that I see right now is that during that time there was enormous resistance from the entire market research community to go online…I think this time around I have not seen that much resistance…So I think that’s good news.

Be sure to check out part two in this important series. Part 3 is due out next week, and will focus on the benefits and specific uses of mobile technology in market research.

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