What We’re Reading: Mobility, Asking Why, Social Media Research

What We're Reading

Normally, we’d be going through our reading list on Monday mornings, but given the glorious (and extended) Memorial Day weekend here in the US, we decided to postpone our reading to Tuesday. So without further adieu, here are some highlights from our reading list this week: Mobilizing Market Research, Part 3 – In this third […]

Can You Crowdsource Social Good?

Make a wish

Why not end the work week on an up-beat note? Mashable has an article this morning entitled, “Can Crowdsourcing Make Any Dream Come True?” In it, they explore the idea of crowdsourcing social good with a look at the site Wish Upon a Hero. The site allows anybody to post a “wish,” the content of which […]

Industry Insights on the Mobilization of Market Research

Earlier this week, we told you about the first part in a series of posts by the GreenBook blog on the mobilization of market research. In the lead-up to the Market Research in the Mobile World conference, our friends at the GreenBook blog are continuing the series with part two, this time focusing on industry insights […]

Gamification in Outbound Marketing


A quick follow-up to our post at the end of last week about Zynga and their shopping spree: We read this morning about Zynga’s partnership with DreamWorks Animation to promote the studio’s new movie, Kung Fu Panda 2. This is an important reminder about the scale that gamification has already reached, not just in the […]

Zynga Goes on a Shopping Spree

We’ve been talking this past week about the growing trend of gamification, and its impact on markte research. If one needs evidence of this booming trend, they need only look to Mashable’s report earlier this week of social game studio Zynga’s acquisition of DNA Games. This makes for Zynga’s 14th acquisition in just 12 months. […]

Mobilizing Market Research

Our good friends over at the Green Book Blog kick off a new series this week on the mobilization of market research, leading up to the Market Research in the Mobile World conference taking place on July 19 & 20 in Atlanta. In the first of nine posts in the series, contributor Carrie Robbins delves […]

The Game Mechanics of Social Media

[Editor’s Note: We continue our on-going series on gaming and research this month with the following post by Jon Puleston; originally published and syndicated with permission by The GreenBook Blog.] By Jon Puleston I have been studying game theory deeply over the last few weeks in my quest to work out how to effectively gamify […]

Why Are We Better At Games Than At Real Life?

Last week Vivek Bhaskaran was a keynote presenter at the TMRE conference along with Kevin Keeker from Zynga (the creators of such epic online games as Farmville and Angry Birds). Together they tackled the subject of why these games are so engaging and so all consuming and how to take advantage of these benefits in research. […]

Why Size Counts (And Why Shorter is Better)

Big vs Small

Jeffrey Henning (of the renowned Voice of Vovici blog) brought two links to my attention this morning via Twitter, and I wanted to be sure you all caught them as well. The topic of both pieces was size – specifically, why the size (or length, if you rather) of surveys really matters, and equally importantly, […]

What We’re Reading: Working in Real-Time

Twitter Noise

Here at Research Access, we read quite a bit – as you can imagine. Personally, I both love and fear opening Google Reader each morning to find 1000 or so unread items from across the worlds of news, media, business, marketing, technology, and of course – research. (I also subscribe to the daily cartoon xkcd; […]