Release of the GreenBook Industry Trends Report

Great News: the Spring 2011 GreenBook Industry Trends Report (GRIT) has been released.

You can view a digital magazine version or download a PDF of either the Executive Summary or the Full Report via the links below. You can also register to be a respondent in the next wave of the study and to receive updates as they become available by visiting

Some summary from Research Access-contributor Leondard Murphy, editor of the GreenBook Blog:

The report shows a market research industry undergoing systemic and tactical change at a pace expected to accelerate. Whether that change is welcomed as opportunity or resisted as a threat depends to a large extent on age. Younger researchers with less experience in “the old ways” are confident they can adapt, while older researchers (with some highly notable exceptions) see their professional world and some of their professional standards cast aside as irrelevant or even damaging.

Some of the highlight findings contained in the report include:

  • The major structural and systemic changes being faced by those in the marketing research industry.
  • Despite a backdrop of professional pessimism, anticipated levels of future research spending are actually favorable.
  • The Top 50 Market Research Firms Perceived to be Innovative.
  • Gaps between Suppliers and Buyers, tenure in the industry, age of respondents and geographic location exist when it comes to emerging technology adoption.
  • Social media, mobile, MROCs and text analytics are the newer techniques most likely to be used in the foreseeable future.
  • Utilizing the latest and most advanced technology is certainly important to both clients and suppliers, but the business relationship itself – personal service, responsiveness, and attentiveness – rises to the very top of the list of decision-making criteria.


GRIT Report – Spring 2011
EXECUTIVE version (28 pages)

GRIT Report – Spring 2011
FULL version (54 pages)

GRIT Report – Spring 2011
Interactive charts

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