Do Mobile Respondents Differ from Online Survey Respondents?

A new study from market research firm Opinionology looks into behavioral differences in mobile respondents versus those responding via traditional online surveys. The study, entitled “Do Mobile Respondents Differ from Online Survey Respondents?” [PDF], just begins to scratch the surface in answering what is sure to be a frequent questions these days, but it did find some interesting results.

From the study:

First, mobile survey responders tended to be younger. In fact, they demonstrated a 22.5% increase in the18-34 year-old age group. Second, mobile survey responders had a higher representation of individuals who were employed fulltime and who have incomes in excess of $50,000, indicated by respective increases of 8.6% and 5.8%. Third, mobile-responders also showed increases in African-American and Hispanic-American representation at 2.9% and 3.8% respectively.

This is a good first look into how mobile respondents differ from traditional online respondents. Have you come across other research into this question? Be sure to let us know in the comments, or via Twitter (@researchaccess), and we’ll share your findings here via ResearchBase.

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