Ten ways the iPad will radically change market research


[Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on Frankie’s blog, Research Arts in September 2010. It is republished here with permission. Be sure to check out researcharts.com for Frankie’s continuing coverage of the impact of the tablet computing on the market research industry.] Less than a year since its introduction, millions of iPads have been sold. […]

Investing in a Quality Sample

I came across an older post from @Carey_Azzara of AtHeath LLC, which Carey reposted this morning on Twitter, and I wanted to draw it back to your attention. The post, entitled “Demystifying the Temptation to Cut Corners on Sampling Costs,” makes the argument that, when developing a new survey instrument, a quality sample is worth the investment. And […]

The Power of Asking “What if” and “So What”

How many times have you run across an innovative product and service and thought “Why didn’t I think of that?!”  Or maybe you’re like me and have these “harebrained” ideas, decide that they are silly and ignore them only to see them advertised or written about as the next great innovation! The really neat thing […]

Release of the GreenBook Industry Trends Report

Great News: the Spring 2011 GreenBook Industry Trends Report (GRIT) has been released. You can view a digital magazine version or download a PDF of either the Executive Summary or the Full Report via the links below. You can also register to be a respondent in the next wave of the study and to receive […]

MR 101: Validity and Reliability in Surveys


Confession: I don’t have formal training as a market researcher. I came to market research late in life by way of my training in information technology and computer science, and it’s something I’ve had to study – and continue to study today. And trust me: I’ve studied a lot in my life, and learning about […]

ResearchBase: NFL Lockout Perception Study


Anyone who follows sports, even a little bit, is probably aware of the looming battle between the National Football League and its players union. (For those who need to catch up, you can find a great primer and some Q&A courtesy of the Washington Post.) As part of our ongoing launch of ResearchBase, our partners […]

Do Mobile Respondents Differ from Online Survey Respondents?

A new study from market research firm Opinionology looks into behavioral differences in mobile respondents versus those responding via traditional online surveys. The study, entitled “Do Mobile Respondents Differ from Online Survey Respondents?” [PDF], just begins to scratch the surface in answering what is sure to be a frequent questions these days, but it did […]

Gaining Clarity in Digital Marketing

I just participated in a three day conference on Digital marketing which was attended by several digital agencies and thought leaders with good vantage points into this emerging space. Interestingly, at the end of three days it became very clear that things are not very clear. Multiple definitions exist concerning what digital marketing is, who […]

The Evolution of Language

[Editor’s Note: A few terms in this blog may need a little explanation for our US audience. A “solicitor” is a lawyer; a “council estate” is what Americans would call “public housing”; young men who wear hooded sweat shirts are termed “hoodies” and generally the term has an association with those who are “up to […]

Interview with Vivek Bhaskaran of SurveyAnalytics

Three weeks to go until the IIR Technology Driven Market Research event in Chicago, and we’re down to the last few interviews with presenters! (You can find the others on the Green Book Blog.) Today I bring you my conversation with Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO of Survey Analytics, and it’s a doozy! Always outspoken, irreverent, and most of […]