On the other hand, maybe QR codes are already dead

Earlier this week, I wrote about the impact QR codes might have on market research. The post was in response to a recent study that showed that not only is awareness of QR codes, but so is the likelihood that consumers will use QR codes (particularly with a coupon or discount incentive). The study was […]

Is Social Media Killing the Survey?

A recent article in AdvertisingAge entitled, “Will Social Media Replace Surveys as a Research Tool?” caught my attention. With that title, how could it not? Of course, this isn’t a new topic. We’ve been debating the impact of social media on market research for some time now. But, through the lens of consumer products companies, […]

How Will QR Codes Impact Market Research?

QR Code

By now, the vast majority of us are familiar with QR codes. At least, that’s what the latest research says. A new study published by MGH shows that awareness of QR (or Quick Response) codes is rising dramatically. More about the study via 2d Code: MGH has conducted an online survey to gauge awareness and […]

ResearchBase: A New Platform for Sharing Research

From its inception, the mission of Research Access has been to break down the walls of the market research industry; to help practitioners and consumers alike better understand market research practices, and to create transparency in how data is collected and analyzed, as well as what it reveals. Today, we take the next step in […]

Recruit Your Own Survey Panel


Sometimes a survey panel is exactly what you need — and for that, you can use any number of panel providers such as Peanut Labs or EMI. But sometimes, a panel can be overkill and just too expensive for your project, in which case, it’s a good idea to have recruited a panel of your very own. […]

A New Voice in Mobile Market Research

We’ve talked a lot over the past few months about the growing “mobile market research” space. With the continued proliferation of “smart” mobile devices, increased mobile data access, and a striking increase in people’s reliance on mobile devices for the communication (compared with traditional landlines), the need to be able to reach people via their […]

Want to Be A Research Rockstar?

Our Friends at Research Rockstar have made a very exciting offer for readers of Research Access. As you may know, Research Rockstar provides online training on market research topics. Their classes are Flash-based, interactive and most are under an hour. The classes typically sell for $129 per class or $600 for a one-year “full access” […]

The DIY Debate: Why Self-Service is the Future, and Market Research Can’t Hide

There is a lot of debate over the future of market research as it pertains to agencies. I spoke about it with Sanja Licina of CareerBuilder  in the AMA conferences last year and have been in a couple of panels – AMA Atlanta MR SIG along with Phillip Garland from SurveyMonkey. Let me lay out my […]

The Continued Debate Over DIY Market Research

Earlier this week I wrote about one of the most significant debates currently taking place in the market research community: the debate over DIY research. We’ve gotten some great feedback and interesting opinions on both sides of the argument, including some really helpful resources, provided in a comment on the original post by Kathryn Korostoff of […]

Power to the People

I draw your attention this morning to an article recently written for MRWeb by our own senior contributor, Andrew Jeavons. The article, entitled “Power to the People” was written in response to Jerome Sopocko’s recent article in the same publication, “Man Up! The Trojans are at the Gate.” The debate – a long-standing one, but taken up […]