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I had a fascinating conversation last week with David Boulton, founder of Learning Stewards and an expert of educational and organizational learning systems. Mr. Boulton and I had a lengthy talk about the role of feedback in learning: not only as we grow and progress through traditional educational systems, but also as we move into the business world, where hopefully, we continue to learn.

I’m going to tell you much more about our conversation in a longer post coming up soon, but first I wanted to give you something of a homework assignment (appropriate, I think, given how much we’re going to talk about learning!)

My conversation with Mr. Boulton was brought about by a post on his website called “The 3 Laws – The Role of Feedback in Learning Oriented Systems.” This post – and it’s beautiful in its simplicity – should be required reading, not only for every market researcher, but for anyone who ever wants to benefit from the answers that market research can provide. Go read it now.

Also worth your time are a series of short videos that Mr. Boulton has shared on YouTube, encompassing his core ideas about how we learn, why it’s important, and the role of feedback in the process.

Take a look at this material in the next few days, and I’ll be back with more about my conversation wtih David Boulton, which caused me to come to the conclusion that we have no idea how to listen.


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