7 learnings from the Super Bowl XLV (2011) Mobile Ethnography

Kristin Schwitzer of Beacon Research has a great write-up over on the Green Book Blog about the lessons learned from the recent Super Bowl XLV Mobile Ethnography study. The study was conducted using the SurveySwipe mobile data collection platform we’ve been discussing (see our post about the study conducted during the State of the Union). The survey reached out to a 1,200 user panel on the iPhone platform, and 235 respondents accepted.

Here’s a preview of some of their findings:

  1. Mobile is a fast and efficient way to take researchers into consumers’ lives.
    Without even traveling, we were able to peek into 235 SuperBowl moments!
  2. Two thirds of our participants wanted Green Bay to win.
  3. Their favorite ads were for Doritos, with Budweiser and Volkswagen close behind.
  4. The GoDaddy.com ad, with a 77-year-old Joan Rivers as the new GoDaddy girl, was their least favorite.
  5. More watched the game at home than out at a party or pub.
  6. Non-alcoholic drinks were just as prevalent as beer.
  7. Ready-to-eat foods and salty snacks were more common than those made from scratch.

Check out the full post for all the details, along with clips of the favorite (and least favorite) commercials!

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