Will Smartphones Save the Survey ?

At Survey Analytics, we’ve been a bit smart phone focused recently, due primarily to our recent State of the Union dial test study. As I was testing the SurveySwipe software on which our study was based, it started me thinking about the whole idea of surveys on smartphones. One thing that is clear is that […]

DiscoverText Analysis from the State of the Union

One of the partners in the SurveySwipe State of the Union mobile study experiment was DiscoverText – a company that does intelligent text analysis of extremely large datasets (i.e. “What are people saying about the State of the Union on Twitter?”) DiscoverText has released the raw datasets from the text analytics portion of the study. […]

The Results Are In – State of the Union Mobile Study

We told you earlier this week about the mobile research study being conducted about the State of the Union by a group of partners led by SurveyAnalytics, and executed using the SurveySwipe platform. Well, the experiment was a great success, and the SurveyAnalytics team has posted a full analysis, along with the complete dataset.

Reminder: Join in on real-time State of the Union Feedback

Just a quick reminder about yesterday’s post on the SurveySwipe State of the Union Mobile Feedback project. The State of the Union speech is tonight, so this is your last chance to join in! You can check out our post for more details, or just go ahead and download the appropriate SurveySwipe app for your […]

How DiscoverText plans to monitor social media during State of the Union

DiscoverText — a service out of the UMass Amherst is planning on monitoring and reporting on the social media chatter around the State of the Union. I just talked to Stu Shulman, the CEO of DiscoverText — who is also a political science professor at UMass Amherst about this. The fundamental concept that DiscoverText will […]

Mobile Polling of the State of the Union

Tomorrow night, President Barack Obama will deliver his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress. Every major political event, but especially a presidential address, is always soon followed by a slew of polling information conducted by media outlets, analyst firms, and so on. We’ll hear news stories that tell us how […]

Joining Survey Analytics

I just wanted to let you know that I have joined Survey Analytics (surveyanalytics.com) as Executive Vice President as of today. I’m very excited to be joining such a dynamic company which is one of the market leaders in accessible in online survey and analytical tools. Survey Analytics clients include McGraw Hill, Experian, Roku, Career […]

The Twitter Fire Hose

Have you ever heard of the Twitter “fire hose” or the “sprinkler” ? If you have, you have probably been doing software development work on connecting to Twitter. The “fire hose” and the “sprinkler” are just two of the terms Twitter use to describe the type of connections you can make to Twitter with an […]

Follow-up: Slides and video from SurveySwipe Webinar

Just a quick follow-up to last week’s webinar on data collection with mobile devices: the slides and video from the presentation are now available for on-demand viewing: Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/bubek/surveyswipe-webinar-jan-11 Video: http://bcove.me/6vom3jub We’d love to hear your thoughts on this presentation, as well as on data collection with mobile devices in general. Please be sure to […]

Three Public Relations Resolutions for 2011

Every January I take a look at how I can fine-tune my work, who I am, and just take note of my world.  As part of that process, I was recently chatting with some of my colleagues about professional integrity, our role as Publicists, and what risks every PR professional should take.  I offer you […]