Looking Ahead: Crowdsourcing Predictions in Market Research for 2011

It’s that time of year again – when we look back on the biggest events of the past year, and ahead, with thoughts and predictions of what’s to come. It’s often an interesting discussion, but it can get a little tired. And how do you compare predictions? Which are based on expert knowledge and experience, and which are just pie in the sky? Kathryn Korostoff of Research Rockstar is taking a unique approach to predicting the year ahead in market research that may help us address those issues, by applying the latest in market research techniques, to market researchers.

Kathryn is crowdsourcing market research predictions using an IdeaScale instance called Market Research Predictions. The site already has 31 ideas from some of the more well-known minds in the market research industry. The ideas run the gamete from very likely – “Market Research Reports Will Move Online” – to very controversial – “Traditional Survey-driven Trackers Will Become Extinct.” Either way, the beauty of the implementation is that those who know marketing research best, and those who approach it from different backgrounds and experience, can all throw their two cents in, cast their vote, and add to the discussion.

I encourage you to join Kathryn, and us, in this terrific exercise. Cast your vote on existing predictions, or add a new one if you like! We’ll keep an eye on things, and report back on what seems to be getting the most traction by the end of the year.

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