The Top 5 of 2010

Well, that’s it folks. The year 2010 has come to an end. We’ve spent the past few weeks looking ahead to 2011, but as we put a bow on this year, we wanted to take one last quick look back at the most popular Research Access content of 2010. Perhaps there’s something you missed, and […]

Looking Ahead: Odds and Ends

I want to draw your attention to a recent post over at the GreenBook Blog, which has a great round-up of all of the market research industry predictions for 2011 that are floating around (ours among them, which is quite an honor for us!) Also among them is a post by Tom Ewing of Kantar Operations […]

Small Business Guide: What Business Owners Need to Know about Market Research Planning

Innovation is a part of most entrepreneur’s personalities… they love to think, solve problems and invent more efficient means to arriving at solutions.  To be successful you have to know your market and develop a plan in order to accomplish your goals.  Market research can help you get there and planning for it is an essential part […]

Looking Ahead: Market Research as Social Conscience?

jiminy cricket

Among the many individuals and organizations making industry predictions for 2011, the opinion of analyst firms – for better or worse – are among the most sought after. We can debate the quality, benefit, and value of their predictions all day long, but I think we can concede that, whether you agree with their conclusions […]

Looking Ahead: Behavioral Science in 2011


As we continue our look ahead to 2011, surveying predictions for the market research industry, we come upon a recurring topic: the role of behavioral science as a supplement to – or even replacement for – market research. The key to behavioral science in a market research role is actually rather simple: a great deal […]

The Impact of Moving Offline Surveys Online

We’ve been talking a lot recently about alternative approaches to data collection, including the rapidly growing use of tools like social media and mobile devices. We just posted yesterday about the prediction made by Vaughn Mordecai that these alternative approaches will finely see mainstream traction in 2011. But while we’re pretty sure this is going […]

Looking Ahead: Alternative Modes of Collection

We told you last week about the Market Research Trends IdeaScale instance set up by Kathryn Korostoff of Research Rockstar. The site provides a crowdsourcing approach to identifying trends in market research over the coming year. Later, we took a look at one of the trends posted for discussion – the “insourcing” of market research, wherein […]

When Will They Get Engaged?


White Horse, a marketing firm, shared the results of a social marketing survey. Although most businesses, whether B2B or B2C, now have a social marketing presence (less than 18% reported absolutely no social marketing functions), B2B still shows less social engagement than their B2C counterparts. The study cited many reasons for this lack of engagement […]

What is Online Research Sample?

Person in sample

Sample is a hot commodity in the world of online market research.  It’s defined as a finite part of a statistical population whose properties are studied to gain information about the whole (Webster, 1985). When dealing with people, it can be described as a set of respondents selected from a larger population for the purpose […]

Fatigue After 20 Minutes


A recent Survey Sampling International white paper entitled “Questionnaire Length, Fatigue Effects and Response Quality Revisited” addressed survey choices and best practices and compared those responses to those of an identical 2004 investigation. Among many observations, the paper suggests that the tipping point for most questionnaire respondents is the 20 minute mark: “There is a […]