Is it just me, or did Microsoft miss the point?

I’m going to go out on a limb for a bit and critique something about which I have only incomplete information. I guess that hasn’t stopped most of us in the past though.

As anyone who follows happenings in the mobile world probably knows by now, Microsoft has just launched their new Windows Phone 7 in the market this week. Reviews are generally positive and this offering is expecting to be a serious and compelling alternative to the iPhone and various Android based devices.

Some of you may have also seen the TV commercials for the phone (a quick search should find the “Really” TV spots). The commercials are well produced, interesting and quirky in a way and generally well received by most lay people (amongst the target audience) that I’ve spoken with. There’s just one problem I think.

People don’t walk away with the core message that Microsoft is trying to communicate via these spots – that the new Windows Phone lets you get on with life without losing yourself in your phone. Instead most people I’ve spoken with believe the ads convey that the new Windows Phone is so interesting that you’ll be completely engrossed in it. Ouch!

Sounds like they totally missed the point. I wonder how these ads tested not just at the concept stage but post production as well.
What do you think?

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  1. interesting to see this article, we covered the same ad on our blog post in late oct ( i quite agree with you perhaps little details could have been put in to show the scenarios happens with other phones perhaps… another interesting piece would be from Thailand that promotes balanced use of mobile rather than going overboard (….cheers

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