How Crowdsourcing is used at FEMA

One of the most interesting and seemingly impactful uses of crowdsourcing technology seems to be taking place within governments. (We’ve talked about this before with Bev Godwin of the GSA and  Haley VanDyck of the FCC.)

Recently, Craig Fugate, Administrator of the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) posted to the White House Blog about how FEMA is using crowdsourcing and public challenges to engage the public, gather input and feedback, and generate new ideas.

They say all politics is local, so it’s really no surprise that crowdsourcing is taking off as a feedback-gathering mechanism in government agencies. Even at the federal level, crowdsourcing allows agencies to gather local feedback and local solutions to local problems, and to do so in a very low-overhead way.

How many of you have used crowdsourcing or public challenges as a feedback mechanism? We’d love to hear your story! Leave your thoughts in the comments below.



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