How the Like Button Changes Everything

The Like Button

You can’t go 5 minutes without hearing another story about the impact of social media on… well… everything. How it changes the way we communicate. How it changes the way we shop, engage customers, learn about partners and competition. The list goes on, and on, and on. At the center of most (if not all) […]

What Will Consumer Behavior Teach us on Cyber Monday?


As we experience “Cyber Monday” (the online edition of Black Friday, considered one of the busiest online shopping days of the year), we consider the recent release of a compilation and analysis of current studies by Mintel implies that businesses should remain cautious as the economy continues to recover from this most recent recession. Top […]

How to Present Research Data in a Way that Inspires Action


It’s one thing to collect data and feedback – but quite another to analyze and present the data in a way that is clear and inspires action. The Power Presentation Outline Here’s a presentation outline that you can use the next time you have to put together a killer presentation using research data.

Is it just me, or did Microsoft miss the point?

I’m going to go out on a limb for a bit and critique something about which I have only incomplete information. I guess that hasn’t stopped most of us in the past though. As anyone who follows happenings in the mobile world probably knows by now, Microsoft has just launched their new Windows Phone 7 […]

A Good Experience Leads to Loyalty


According to an article by Mediapost author Gary Leopold, most customers have had their fill of points. Loyalty Programs that have so-long based their system on points-based rewards may have to change their focus. Leopold quotes USA Today research stating that “there are over 17 trillion unredeemed frequent flyer miles (with a real value of […]

The Growth Imperative


One of the first things someone told me about business was that you have to run to stand still. Then the stock markets taught me that anything other than solid growth would be punished severely by the market in terms of valuation of a company. Then during my tenure at several blue chips and other […]

Free Webinar: Brand Tracking – Taking the Pulse on Your Brand

Coming up tomorrow, another free webinar from our friends at Survey Analytics: Tuesday, November 16th, 2010, 9:00 AM PST Sign up Today Branding has been around since the beginning of times as a means to differentiate products. Did you know that the term “brand” is derived from the old Norse word “brandr” which means “to […]

The Beginner’s Guide to No-Cost Market Research

Targeting customers

I have a client I’ll call Sandy, who is starting a new business. She’s been running a successful non-profit organization for 4 years and she’s been freelance writing for at least a decade, but as she was moving into a more product-centered business, she was floundering. She scheduled a couple events that didn’t fill and […]

Applied Crowdsourcing with Dr. Leslie Fine of Crowdcast (VIDEO)

This week at Enterprise 2.0, we had a chance to catch up with Dr. Leslie Fine, Chief Scientist of Crowdcast. Crowdcast is essentially an internally-focused market research tool that leverages a crowdsourcing approach to gain insight into the collective intelligence of your employees. In other words, employees can vote on questions posed by others in […]

Breaking Down Data Silos with Ross Mayfield of Socialtext (VIDEO)


At Enterprise 2.0, we sat down with Ross Mayfield, President and Co-Founder of Socialtext, to discuss how Socialtext is surfacing data and breaking down silos within an enterprise organization using social tools.