Not All Advocates Are Created Equal

According to a report by Forrester Research, the key to winning effective brand advocates who can promote and advance your brand is tapping the audience of Mass Influencers. Forrester Research reports that there are three influencer categories, which are Social Broadcasters, Mass Influencers, and Potential Influencers, but that Mass Influencers are the best for a variety of reasons: they are “the loudest and most trusted voices in social media,” they are viewed as having areas of expertise, and they have a great amount of influence offline, in addition to many other qualities.

There are numerous ways to communicate and engage the community of Mass Influencers listed in the study. Disney promotes social media mothers who have submitted themselves as applicants to participate in the Disney World Moms Panel. Starbucks identifies Twitterers who are coffee experts and in exchange for giving them free samples, the Twitterers share opinions, special offers, and attitudes. General Mills launched the new Fiber One snack bar and provided their MyBlogSpark members with samples and information, encouraging them to discuss the product. They discovered that online dialogue was a key driver of sales.

How can you reach those Mass Influencers who would become your brand advocates? What can you offer? What questions can you ask? What tools do you already have in place that would create a truly engaging experience for them?

About Joshua Hoffman

Joshua Hoffman is Technology Specialist at Microsoft and a frequent contributor to Research Access.

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