Look Who’s Talking

Americans are gabbing away on their cell phones according to this Nielsen report. The particularly interesting part is who’s doing the talking. Women (perhaps unsurprisingly to some) talk 22% more than men, and teens are texting more than anyone else.

Usage also varied by location. The South loves to talk with most of the Southern states using more than 800 voice minutes each month. The highest text messaging states, however, are spread throughout the country in states like Utah, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania, which are averaging more than 800 text messages each month. These powerful trends actually vary significantly by who’s doing the talking, which means an additional level of strategy needed for marketers hoping to tap into the mobile channel.

The report also shows how the minutes break down by race: “African-Americans use the most voice minutes – on average more than 1,300 a month. Hispanics are the next most talkative group, chatting an average of 826 minutes a month. Even Asians/Pacific Islanders, with 692 average monthly minutes, talk more than Whites, who use roughly 647 voice minutes a month.”

What does this tell you about your audience? Is a mobile platform now the best route to your customer? Let us know what you think.

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Joshua Hoffman is Technology Specialist at Microsoft and a frequent contributor to Research Access.

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