Something to Tweet About


Twitter users are some of “the most influential online consumers,” according to a study by ExactTarget. Twitter users compose a relatively small portion of the online audience, only accounting for 14.6% of total internet users, however, Twitter users are also active, digital evangelizers who blog, comment, evaluate, and praise companies or products. As Morgan Stewart […]

How To Get People to Like You (At Least on Facebook)


Facebook is, at the core, an entertainment destination where people connect. That’s the primary goal anyway for the average Facebook user, but there are plenty of ways to interact with companies as well. A new study by ExactTarget and CoTweet finds that one of the key drivers to get a Facebook user to “like” a […]

How We Shop for Groceries


Shoppers are feeling like they’re buying smarter instead of simply feeling like they’re buying less. The 2010 American Pantry Study conducted by Deloitte and Harrison Group reveals that although grocery shoppers have responded to the state of the economy in their spending habits, they’re not necessarily feeling too constrained by it. 89% of shoppers feel […]

Free Webinar: How to Use Online Survey Tools to Hire a Diverse Workforce

The beauty of market research is how broadly its power can be applied – to learn about customers, to gather feedback about existing products or services, to test the market capacity for a new product, and more. When we introduce new market research techniques, including online survey tools, the application potential continues to increase. Join Personified, a […]

How To: Use Google Suggest for Market Research


Recently, I was amused by the site It’s a site that shows Google Suggest results and pokes fun at the suggestions generated by Google users. The results range from “My hair is a bird your argument is invalid” (generated by the suggestion “my hair” to several variations on “is it impossible to lick your […]

Seems statistics in MR don’t matter…..

If you are going to do statistics, make sure you do them correctly…it matters…

Collecting Data on Mobile Platforms

Last week, Research Access contributor Vivek Bhaskaran told us why he thinks that paper surveys are dead. His point (as always) was spot-on: the prolific spread and decreasing cost of mobile devices, combined with the benefits we get from collecting data in electronic form (ease of collection, immediate analysis, the list goes on…), means it […]

6 DIY Marketing Research Trends You Can Put in Your Marketing Plan

I wanted to draw your attention to a must-attend, free event coming up next Thursday, September 30th, at 9am Pacific (12pm Eastern time). Ivana Taylor from DIYMarketers will be hosting a free webinar discussing 6 DIY marketing research trends that you can start leveraging immediately. As Ivana very aptly points out, “Interactivity, collaboration and open […]

10 Major Marketing Strategies We Can Learn from Today’s Celebrities

There are people who truly deserve to be famous because of their talent and contributions to this world. Oprah, Kanye West, Steve Jobs are a few examples of people who are well deserved of their notoriety. Then there are those who for some god-forsaken reason the media loves to follow: Kim Kardashian, Speidi (Barf!), Ashton […]

Look Who’s Talking


Americans are gabbing away on their cell phones according to this Nielsen report. The particularly interesting part is who’s doing the talking. Women (perhaps unsurprisingly to some) talk 22% more than men, and teens are texting more than anyone else. Usage also varied by location. The South loves to talk with most of the Southern […]