Women Take Charge of the Internet

Across the globe, women are spending more time on and engaging in online social communities more deeply than men. comScore released a study called “Women on the Web: How Women are Shaping the Internet” and it reports the online habits of both genders from around the world. Even though women only comprise 47.9% of the unique visitors to social sites (as opposed to 52.1% of men), they consume 57% of the content and spend 5.5 hours per month on social sites, as compared to the 4 hours per month spent by men.

The study goes on to reveal that not only do women spend more time touring online social communities, they also spend more time shopping online, more time watching videos on YouTube, and more time overall on the internet than men do. Men, however, take the lead on engaging with the web from their SmartPhones and watching videos online.

So what do we do with this information? Does it change how we approach men and women differently when trying to engage them online? Does your approach to men vs. women change when engaging your audience via social media? We’d love to hear your stories. Please share your comments below!

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Joshua Hoffman is Technology Specialist at Microsoft and a frequent contributor to Research Access.

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