Good News for Marketing Budgets…?


Forbes Insights released the results from a study that surveyed marketing executives on their spending habits and their expectations for the coming year. A significant portion of the executives surveyed reported that they expect budget increases in the coming year. But the part of their organizations in which they expect to see the most growth […]

It’s the Latest Craze


This Forrester report calls it “tablet mania;”the current rush of technology innovators that are developing the next great “pad.” With Apple reporting over 3.27 million iPads sold in a single quarter, it’s no wonder that folks like HP, Toshiba, and Samsung are racing to get a slice of the pie. Notably, many of the products […]

Women Take Charge of the Internet


Across the globe, women are spending more time on and engaging in online social communities more deeply than men. comScore released a study called “Women on the Web: How Women are Shaping the Internet” and it reports the online habits of both genders from around the world. Even though women only comprise 47.9% of the […]

Supporting Pakistan Flood Relief

I’d like to draw your attention today to a cause of paramount importance. Peanut Labs, a leader in social media market research, is holding a fundraiser in support of humanitarian relief for the victims of the recent devastating floods in Pakistan. From the Peanut Labs announcement: Through the rest of the month of August, Peanut […]

Mind the Gap

The results of the 2010 Digital Influence Index have been released and although the results are not shocking, they are still compelling. Unsurprisingly, the index leads with the insight that “digital dominates in consumer influence — but not marketing dollars spent.” The Internet is reliably the source that most consumers go to when it comes […]

The Problem with Neuromarketing….

The Brain

There are several problems really. The first is the name. It should really be called applied cognitive neuroscience (ACN), because that is what it is. Hopefully this would counter all the specious arguments about it being scientific. The New Scientist ( test raised some comments about the science of ACN. I have to disclose in […]

Getting to Know You

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joshua Hoffman, and I work for you. I’m very excited to be joining Research Access as the new Editor-in-Chief, but when I say I work for you, I mean it. My role at Research Access is to bring you the latest, most interesting, innovative, and exciting information […]

Customer Segmentation – An Overview


This information is useful for people who are interested in matching the best messages or products possible to those customers or prospects most likely to buy them. Why Segmentation? If you make a product, have a service, market or sell, customer segmentation is important to you. The days of one-size-fits-all approaches are long over, and […]

Research TV : Interview with Tim ‘O Conner – Ashworth College

I met up with Tim a few weeks ago and probed him on his views on integrated marketing, data collection and market research. Tim is one of the few CMO’s with very hands on practical knowledge and can talk to you about brand development as well as regression analysis to determine how to hire sales […]

The Role of Customer Service

Every marketer wants customer loyalty, even brand evangelism, but it seems that one of the key factors in achieving these goals is providing quality customer service. According to the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer, consumers will spend 9% more than the average on companies with excellent customer service. However, customer service isn’t just knowledgeable […]