Online Influencers: Barely Licensed

In Ketchum and myYearbook’s recent survey of 13 to 19 year olds, they found that teenagers are some of the most active online social influencers. How do these teens spend their time? They text, update, hang out on social networking sites for about two hours each day, they make purchases and then they talk about those purchases. In fact, in terms of brand advocates and brand adversaries, the teens may be the best resource for online feedback.

Many people have stated that teens that spend that much time online must remain isolated and antisocial. But this report shows that on Saturday nights, these teens are also the ones most likely to be out and about at a party. Surprisingly, those teens that are most social online are also most social offline.

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Vivek Bhaskaran is the President and CEO of Survey Analytics.


  1. Michael Hollon says:

    Thanks for providing research results on something I’ve long wondered. Does online social activity mean less social activity offline? I think it is very good news that Kethcum’s research confirms that online social activity does not mean less overall social development for teens.
    -Michael Hollon

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