Two Common Times NOT to Use Conjoint

This information is useful for people who want to understand a couple times when it is not appropriate to use conjoint analysis. Conjoint analysis is a gold standard technique for measuring feature preference, particularly in relationship to price.  I’m particularly fond of Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint (but that’s a topic for another post).  There’s a lot […]

Trymyui – The next generation of mass usability testing?


Trymyui, a new service offering remote usability testing, just hit the scene this spring. TryMyUI is backed by Sani El-Fishawy who started – back in 1997.  Classifields2000 was one of the internet startups back in the late 90’s – they powered the classifields section of many major portals of the day – Lycos, Excite, […]

YouTube Leads Online Video

Internet users continue to spend more and more time surfing online video. comScore released the results of their May 2010 U.S. Online Video Rankings which showed that 183 million U.S internet users watched some form of online video over the course of May. It also showed that YouTube (among other Google properties) accounted for 43.5% […]

Thumbspeak – Mobile Panel Platform – Dean Wiltse gets back into the game.


After being in the Market Research business for 10 years and leading Greenfield Online public and then overseeing the merger/buyout of Perseus and Websurveyor into Vovici – Dean Wiltse is back in the game – with ThumbSpeak. As mentioned in my previous post, we’ll be profiling innovative companies that are attempting to change Market Research […]

CrowdSolving – Beyond CrowdSourcing?

I’m not very convinced of the “wisdom of crowds.” There are numerous examples of how “the wisdom of crowds” is in fact the “idiocy of the mob.” Look at some political movements or some of the more extreme religions, for instance: a good few of these make no sense, but they have a lot of […]

Don’t say “Sorry, we didn’t ask that,” instead let the people shine through

It’s among the most uncomfortable moments a market researcher can have.  You’re standing in front of clients presenting the results of a study.  All eyes are fixed on you.  They’re listening to your every word.  And an unexpected question from someone in the audience gets put to you on what the study has learned about […]

Poor question design means questionable results: A tale of a confusing scale

I saw the oddest question in a survey the other day. The question itself wasn’t that odd, but the options for responses were very strange to me. * 1 – Not at all Satisfied * 2 – Not at all Satisfied * 3 – Not at all Satisfied * 4 – Not at all Satisfied […]

Online Survey Sample Is Not Clean Enough – Clean it Yourself

This information is useful for people who use panel sample for online surveys, and who want to make sure their survey data is truly clean. Online Survey Panels Tell Us Their Panelists Are Clean It’s hard to open a marketing magazine without seeing an ad from an online survey panel company proclaiming how clean and […]

Statistical testing. It’s a good thing

A recent article in the Seattle Times covering a poll by Elway Research gives me an opportunity to discuss statistical testing. The description of the methodology indicates, as I’d expect, that the poll was conducted properly to achieve a representative sample: About the poll: Telephone interviews were conducted by live, professional interviewers with 405 voters […]

Online Influencers: Barely Licensed


In Ketchum and myYearbook’s recent survey of 13 to 19 year olds, they found that teenagers are some of the most active online social influencers. How do these teens spend their time? They text, update, hang out on social networking sites for about two hours each day, they make purchases and then they talk about […]