Social Media Research – Using Facebook for Survey Invitations and Market Research

Today, Sanja Licina, Senior Director – Talent Intelligence for CareerBuilder and I gave a presentation to the the American Marketing Association – as part of the virtual conference- talking about the future of Market Research and beyond. The slides are embedded below (at the bottom of this post.)

One point got a lot of questions was using Facebook to recruit participants in a survey. Essentially turning Facebook into a giant panel – and asking Facebook users to come and participate in a survey. If you think through this a little more, Facebook offers a self-service model for displaying ads – and ads can be invitations to come to take a survey (not just playing farmville!)

Facebook also allows you to target your audience very specifically – based on traditional demographic models (age, gender, sex etc.)

So here is a step by step instructions on how to recruit users to come to a survey from facebook:

Step 1: Login to Facebook and Click on “Create an Ad”

Step 2: Change the destination to “I want to advertise a web page”

Step 3: On the URL – enter the URL to your survey

Step 4: Choose targetin

Step 5: Define a budget – and Let it rip!

We’ve used this model successfully on a few campaigns!

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