Social Media Research – How to optimize your Facebook Surveys

Kreg Atterberry commented on my last post on Social Media Research – Using Facebook for Survey Invitations and Market Research – He said:

Facebook rewards ads that keep it on the site. Direct the survey takers to a fan page with a special tab for your survey. It will cost you about half as much for running the same Facebook ad and not directing to an outside URL.

He actually brings up a very good point – one from a financial and economic standpoint – Facebook has different rates for ads that go to Facebook pages, than ones that go outside the network – Its obvious from their standpoint – the end-user is still in FB and FB has the potential to monetize the user further (after they’ve given you the click – and billed you for it.)

Another consideration is the user experience. If the users feel, the user experience is uniform they are more likely to continue and take part in the survey.

This brings up the question – How do I set this up? The basics is as follows:

Step 1: Create a Fan Page 
– If you are a business – then you should already have a Fan Page – if not, this is a good time to create one!

Step 2:

Create a new page or edit an existing page:

Step 3(a):

Add a Tab to the Page (OK This is tricky)

Step 3(b):

Find the FBML App:

Step 3 (c) :

Add it to your page:

Step 4: 

Add some content to the newly added Tab: (You can add your survey in an iFrame)

Step 5:

Finally Make your new tab the “Default” tab for your Page.

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