CASRO Technology Conference – Future of Market Research

The two day conference put together by CASRO wrapped up last week and the last talk of the conference was given by Research Access contributor and Managing Director of NEBU – Andrew Jeavons.

Couple of quick tidbits about the conference itself:

  • Art Flannagan says that was the highest attended conference even for CASRO – Tech 
  • The Usual suspects from Panel sales (Toluna, SSI, uSamp were exhibiting) – However eRewards was absent. (See UPDATE below)
  • From the Software side, Confirmit and SPSS were there – IBM plans to continuing support for SPSS for MR?
  • No one new was there!

Now, a little bit about what Andrew talked about:

  • Market Research cannot be only about Web/Telephone Surveys and Cross-Tabs.
  • Social Media and Mobile is the next hot thing for Market Research
  • Neuromarketing – Inferring without asking – they are the “barbarians at the gate” – this thing can open the floodgates for alternative models for gathering insight.

He explains all these concepts in detail – in his 1 hr presentation. Unfortunately, due to some alcoholic difficulties, we were only able to capture 30 mins of his presentation: Video embedded below:

I got this email from Art Flannagan:

We do not allow unauthorized recordings of conference sessions.
Also, there are inaccuracies in your account of the conference.
“However eRewards was absent.”
– e-Rewards had an exhibit table and 5 attendees.

“No one new was there!”
– Really? We had several first-time attendees as would be expected with the record attendance.

Please remove the video from your site.

Our response:

  1. We updated the reference to eRewards not exhibiting.
  2. No one new was there – that’s our opinion and we are sticking to it.
  3. Finally – with respect to the video – I am in consultation with my lawyers regarding this. Once we have a legal position on this, we will update this post. As of now, the video remains there.

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  1. Tim O'Connor says:

    In the digital world anything that can be recorded will; get over it, embrace the fact and learn how to live in that world. Many have learned to thrive in a world with open access to knowledge, just look at MIT’s Open Courseware project. Video not only killed the Radio Star, but it also killed keeping knowledge away from the masses. Way to go Vivek by keeping the video up.

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