Bill Maher on Surveys

Are customers getting fed up with repeated requests to take surveys post transaction?

Well, Bill Maher certainly thinks so. I must say, I am a big fan of Bill and he has some very edgy commentary and weaving social issues into humour – not to mention that he is a big proponent of legalizing weed. I was surprised and excited when he took a shot at Apple (and in general all retailers that send post transaction surveys) and basically called it incessant.

Are post transaction surveys going to go down the route of popup surveys and popup ads? Remember – popup blockers were invented to stop people from overindulging. The fact is, we has humans will always indulge till we get slapped. Maybe Bill is doing us a favor and slapping us before customers become really annoyed?

Here is the video clip below – pretty funny actually:

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  1. Plain, simple, and on point. The nice thing about Bill is he speaks what most of us think. I find that quite refreshing!




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