Goverment 2.0 – Moving Beyond Participation and Engagement

Ever since Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, technology and internet for politics has changed from a medium to a platform. The 2008 campaign is often cited as a case study for its inordinate and efficient use of the internet, online-tools and services to engage and organize campaign workers, messaging, and everything in between. Here are some […]

Spam a lot

In the funny Monty Python skit, a chorus of Vikings drowns out other sounds by singing “SPAM, SPAM, SPAM”, glorifying the omnipresent American canned meat icon. SPAM’s Internet namesake is not funny at all, as it literally drowns legitimate e-mails in an outpour of junk messages. The pesky e-mail spam, which on the insistence of […]

Drilling support eroding

“The oil spill has also changed Americans’ attitudes on the trade-off between energy production and environmental protection — underscoring the challenges U.S. leaders will face in addressing such issues going forward.” Read on…

Summer Travel Plans on the Rise

An increasing number of consumers plan to engage in leisure travel this Memorial Day weekend and summer, according to a new survey from Deloitte. The report says the web, mobile devices and social media are increasingly playing important roles in travelers’ decision-making processes.

Health 2.0 Goes to Washington

This conference will be a first-of-its kind opportunity for government leaders, trade associations, policy makers and the media to meet the leading innovators from the Health 2.0 community and share visions and practical solutions that will shape the future of health care. View the agenda and registration information (free for federal employees).

Gov 2.0: The Next Internet Boom

The Gov 2.0 Expo just wrapped up in Washington D.C. today with the White House urging federal agencies to make statistical data and other information available to the public, the Internet’s next big opportunity may be tapping that information to boost government transparency, efficiency, and responsiveness. On their end the government has partnered with companies, […]

Sponsored Conversation Marketing to Reach $56.8M

Sponsored Conversations, a niche player in the Word-of-Mouth category of alternative marketing is expected to reach $56.8 Million this year, according to new PQ Media statistics. Such campaigns grew 13.9% to $46 million in 2009, despite double-digit declines in traditional advertising spending.

ComScore Is Now Free For Startups

ComScore announced that it is making its site tagging free for all websites and offering free access to its dashboard for some startups. The free offering called “Start-up, step-up” initiative, will be giving startups access to its dashboard for free provided they have less than a million monthly unique visitors.

Consumers hate surprises at checkout

Webcredible’s recent survey findings reveal what niggles consumers the during an online checkout process. More than a quarter of online shoppers (29%) dislike being forced to register in order to complete a purchase. You can read the full report here and find out how you can make your consumers’ checkout experience as easy and hassle-free […]

Ad Spending Climbs 5.1%; TV Gains 10.5%

U.S. ad spending saw some significant increases in the first quarter, with Q1 spending hikes “broadly distributed” across advertisers and categories, according to Kantar Media. Overall, ad expenditures rose 5.1% in Q110 from a year ago, to $31.3 billion.